New York City: Off the Beaten Museum Trail

I travel a lot. I love museums. So I have decided to talk about the various museums I go to on here. This blog is really just about what I feel like talking about at this point, but it works. It is a blog that totally encompasses me.

I recently traveled to New York City, which I do every other winter or so. So I have been to a lot of the regular New York museums. Obviously you have to go to the Metro Museum of Modern Art or whatever because it is New York vibes to the max.

grant 2

I decided to go to Grant’s National Memorial, which is something you should do if you have the chance. I have spoken about my love for Grant on here before. I will forever be screaming into the void that Grant deserves better. But his memorial is a lovely monument to him. It is kind of far from the city city but it is worth the drive. They have a small gift shop where they have a video about his life. The memorial focuses on Grant’s peacemaking policies and so it is peaceful and beautiful.


grant 1

The main point of this post was to express my never ending love for Ulysses S. Grant as most of my life ends up coming back to that.

But also Grant’s Memorial is right next to this lovely Riverside Church that I wandered into. It is a beautiful historic church built in 1930. The architecture is beautiful. Martin Luther King Jr. also gave a speech here in 1967. Also they have signs everywhere that all are welcome, and let me wander in with no purpose away from the cold. So great church.

museum 1



museum 2

There is also the Intrepid Museum around the same area, it is a sea, air, and space museum! But I was way too cold to make it there.

So here is my very small list of the museums/ historic places I went of the path for my very short New York trip this year. Hopefully I will be able to add more on my next trip to New York but also I will be doing more of these along my travels.

Until next time,



My Beautiful City: Savannah Travel Guide

About two years ago, I made the best decision to move to Savannah, Georgia. I grew up in a smaller town in Georgia. Savannah was like a breath of fresh air.

Moving to a new place opens a world of opportunity. It is a completely blank slate. A fresh and new start.

A new place means new experiences, new friends, and as a result a new person. You never find out who you are without putting yourself out of your comfort zone. Moving is 100% out of your comfort zone. There will be lonely nights in an unfurnished apartment but there will also be nights where you go to new places with new friends.

Each new city is a new you, because you will learn more about yourself. By going out of your comfort zone, you become more comfortable.

I happened to move to the best place ever. That does not mean I will not move again, the next city could be even better. But right now, I am in love with a city and that changes everything.

A lot of people ask me about why I love Savannah and my favorite places. So here is an explanation and a list!

Savannah as a whole- Savannah is a city filed with history, art, and culture. The city thrives and encourages creativity, we have a large art school here: Savannah College of Art and Design. Often the graduates from SCAD stay in Savannah, which contributes more to our creativity and locally owned businesses. And then there is the history of Savannah. Savannah is one of the only places in Georgia where you will find pre-antebellum buildings. Savannah has stepped in and now focuses on the preservation of the historic district, unlike other cities in Georgia. Because of this, walking around Savannah is basically walking back in time and it is a breath of fresh air.

Seriously move somewhere! It is refreshing.

A lot of people me for a guide of must do’s in Savannah. So here is the perfect combination of touristy and locals only guide to Savannah in case you ever decide to visit my wonderful city.


  • Wormsloe- Wormsloe is where that fourth picture I posted above was taken. It is gorgeous colonial ruins but to get there you have to drive down a long road with canopy trees over it. After that drive you hike to the colonial ruins as well as the plantation house, which is worth the hike. This is also where that scene in the last song was filmed where they get stuck in the mud and then hose off at the house, the plantation house at Wormsloe!
  • Sorrel Weed House Museum- I may be a little biased because I work there, but this is the best place ever. It is a historic house museum where they do historic tours during the day and then ghosts tours at night!
  •  Ships of the Maritime Museum- Not everyone’s cup of tea, but this is a really cool museum that goes into ship history in Savannah. It also has a gorgeous garden
  • Prohibition Museum- Obviously museums are fun, but this is a super fun museum. It features wax figures that represent 1920s figures! This museums tells you all about the history of the prohibition movement but it has figures and lots of interactive exhibits. My favorite museum in the area besides my own obviously. It also becomes a speakeasy at night.
  • Owen Thomas House- Owens Thomas House is another historic house museum. This one is older though and actually had indoor plumbing, woah! It features slave quarters and a garden as well as the house itself.

Places to Eat/Get Coffee Besides Chick-Fil-A (But if you have never had chick-fil-a also go there)

  • Green Truck Pub- Green Truck Pub is a little bit outside the historic district but it has the best burgers you will ever eat, as voted every year. It is also locally owned.
  •  Funky Brunch Cafe- The best place for Brunch in all of Savannah. You get to make your own pancakes on griddles that are a part of the table.
  • Foxy Loxy- Foxy Loxy is a coffee shop that also sells alcohol and it is also open really late. They do live music as well. They courtyard is also very gorgeous and has string lights, it is a really good vibe.
  • Congress Street Social Club- A minute walk from City Market and also has amazing burgers.
  • Betty Bombers-  Betty Bombers is an American style restaurant right by Forsyth park. It is retro themed and your servers dress as pinups which is awesome.
  • Vinnie Van GoGo- Amazing pizza place in City Market, also where this wonderful viral video of a woman standing up for herself took place.
  • Bella Napoli- A small Italian restaurant with this best Italian food I have ever had, and I have been to Italy (I really like American Italian food).
Places to Shop
  • Civvies- A vintage fashion threat store in direct downtown Savannah.
  • House of Strut- Another Vintage shop in Savannah.
  • Tanger Outlets! Located a little outside Savannah, this is a really popular outlet mall.
Places to Visit

Obviously when in Savannah you need to visit River Street, there are multiple candy shops which is heaven. Broughton Street is the main street for shopping and it is always fun to just wander around and see where you stumble into.

  • Chippewa Square- This is where the scene in Forest Gump was filmed, the one where he says life is like a box of chocolates.
  • City Market- This is the central spot for Savannah with lots of restaurants and shops. It is also really fun at night because they have live music.
  • Forsyth Park- A lovely park located in the historic district. The walk there from Downtown is also stunning.
  • Starland District- The Starland District is more of a locals place, but it is basically our hardcore art district. Savannah is in entirety is an art district but this is more than that. They have a lot of gallerys, coffee shops, restaurants that have amazing vibes, and shops.
So this is my official list! I will update this as I find more awesome places.

Until next time,