Add a Little Bit of Magic



Sweater, Layering Dress

So this blog post idea has taken forever to come into fruition. It is super hard to find the RIGHT green sweater. I had ordered one in October and it never came. LUCKILY this Shein one found its way into my life.

It is the perfect transition sweater. Savannah has not decided on a season apparently, so layers are the key. Rather than pairing this sweater with a pencil skirt like I usually would, I put it over this basic skater dress from H&M. That way when it is inevitably 25 degrees warmer in the afternoon, I can just take the sweater off. This was revolutionary to me. It took me quite a while to figure this out.


Nobert Pin

This is a super basic outfit. It is my simple go to class outfit, my classmates are tired of seeing it for sure. But to add a little bit of fun to any outfit I add a pin. It helps me get through my day to have a little pop of something light and fun. For this one I added this Nobert pin from SunsetRoadCo. I have talked about this company in the past, but I need to mention again. I adore this company! They have a ton of Harry Potter pins. The pins that I have are the best pins I have ever received, great quality, attention to detail (look at those Deathly Hallows with the dragon!), fast shipping, and Nikki is the sweetest person ever. All around recommend.

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Don’t Lose the Magic

It is finally fall weather in Savannah. Only problem is that it is sweater weather in the morning and then in the afternoon it is unbearably hot. So my solution is short sleeve dresses, tights, and a cardigan. That way when it gets terrible, I can take that cardigan off. It works well.

This cardigan from chicwish is perfect for that. It is beautifully made. It is comfortable and cozy. They do not sell it in a cardigan version anymore, but here is a sweater version chicwish still sells. Also here are some similar versions. 1. 2.  3.


I also like to add fun pins to my outfits whenever I am having a bad day. I have a lot of pins, but this one is my absolute favorite. It has the best quality of any pin I have ever ever bought. I am a proud Hufflepuff and my pin is able to show that off. But Sunset Road Co. has all the houses for you to have your house pride! Also there are multiple other Harry Potter pins at Sunset Road Co. and I will be styling one later this week as well! I 100% recommend these pins, they are the best pins ever. As a pin fanatic, this is the best shop for pins.

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