Spectacular Pins

Basic Shirt, SkirtLovely Brooch, Similar Shoes

Okay so I haven’t posted in a while. I have really been into school lately and not feeling like dressing nice. I keep getting attacked by dogs in my community so I have learned no nice clothes because they will get ruined and then for school it is way too early and way too much walking to dress nice. Also we are in that weird weather stage in Georgia where it could be 70 degrees out or 50 and the only way to know for sure it to go outside. I am in no way ready for Summer. It takes me a while to switch over seasons and so maybe by June I will stop wearing stockings everyday. 

But this was my simple rolled out of bed late for class outfit yesterday and it was kind of cute so here it is. I have a growing collection of pins and brooches. It is the only accessory I like besides pearl earrings and it adds a nice pop of color to my other monochrome outfit. I will featuring my brooches more now because summer calls for small amounts of color according to my mom. I got this particular brooch from an Esty shop named Jesiii. She features a lot of wonderful colorful artwork and brooches, so you should definitely check her out. 

I plan to blog more later on in the week as school winds down so stay tuned for that!

Until next time,


Attempts at Big Hair

 Similar Dress, Stockings, Hair Scarf, Regular Everyday Flats

Okay so I have been talking about trying vintage hairstyles forever. My hair is significantly shorter than it was last year. I use to be able to do really simple styles like milk braids or sock buns, but alas no more. So I decided to try a beehive. It was a frizzy disaster with no poof. No one had any idea what it was supposed to be. I am hair and a lot of makeup inept.

So I will continue to work on it. But in the meantime I will continue to serve up looks. 

Also I decided to try to wear a hair scarf for this first time. I see a lot of bloggers that I keep up with wear them but I never knew where to buy them. I like darker colors but if you are look for something lighter, Doll Me Up, has a bunch of cute ones. If not etsy has everything you can possibly dream of in your life. But I have to figure out how to actually wear it so stay tuned while I improve.

 It is starting to get warmer in Georgia, which is the complete and total worst. So sleeveless dresses and nude stockings because I am not ready to give up stockings just yet.

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Dogs: News We All Want to Hear

 Similar Scarves: Here and Here, Similar Dress, Cardigan

So for some weird reason, Georgia decided to have a second coming of Winter. I like to stick to one season. So that like one wardrobe. Summer or Winter I do not mind, just stay. So I got to wear this scarf and cardigan and freeze. But like it was a dang look. So I wore my Start Spreading the Pooch dress. It is my favorite of all time. It is just plain newspaper clippings upon first glance, but when you actually look each article is written by dogs about beautiful dog experiences like the P Doggie and the Black Eyed Pugs concert written by Groupie the Golden. It is a fun quirky dress that I adore. I have the dog one I got on sale at modcloth a while ago that they don’t sell anymore. But they do have the Kitty Chronicles which is the cat version, which is linked above. I paired it with my beautiful yellow scarf. I am trying for more pops of color, especially mustard yellow. 

So this is my Georgia Winter look, it got to a whopping 50 degrees Fahrenheit, so we are going to get hypothermia.

I have a fun blog planned for soon, but I first have to actually announce the news and then I will discuss living weirdly which is my new life philosophy. 

Until next time, 


Comfy Adventures

There are very few dresses I love as much as this one. I bought it at Charming Charlie’s about a year ago. Charming Charlie’s is the best place on Earth to get comfy shirt dresses or weird bee shaped jewelry that every girl need in their life. Charming Charlie’s is the best place on Earth. Everything is sorted by color and so I just go to the back corner for the nice neutrals. I usually pair it with my wonderful everyday boots from H&M. They are both just so comfortable, especially when you have to walk around downtown all day.

Unfortunately they do not sell this particular dress on the website anymore. You may be able to check in the stores, since they don’t have a lot of stuff on their website.

A lot of people have been asking about my photography that I use to take my pictures. I have no idea how to work a camera, but I am working on it. And getting a little better with everyday. But I do not edit them usually. Every time I try and put filters on any picture I end up putting seven filters, severely raising the contrast, and darkening the picture by 7 million. And it is like a flashback to my beautiful editing career in 7th grade. It is in fact an nightmare. I did brighten the first picture though. And then stopped so it didn’t look next level unrealistic, because I cannot tell at all. 

But this is my only comfortable outfit. I use to be able to wear ridiculous heels all the time, because of my terrible height, or lack thereof. But now I just want to wear my comfy boots. Especially days in my town that revolve around brunch and ice cream. I hope to get back to wearing heels, we shall see.

Also tonight I am going to try some vintage hair by doing a wet roller set, so I will update on that soon to be disaster next time.

Until next time,


Gingham in the Winter


I was able to work with the amazing Shelby Sheppard for blog photos when I took my monthly trip back to Augusta to get a haircut. Fun fact: Do not move anywhere before you find somewhere who you trust with your life, aka your hair. But I will post Shelby’s website at the end of this post. But she is the best person to adventure with. We got to go to a wonderful locally owned bookstore in Augusta called The Book Tavern, which is a great place.  But I wore a very beautiful dress from Top Vintage. They have amazing dresses. But they ship from somewhere in Europe so it takes like a month to get your order. But by then I usually forget I ordered anything and it is a super happy surprise. I love Gingham to death, but to me it is a purely summer look. It gives off some solid picnic vibes.

But we got to take some beautiful pictures with my favorite things.

 And look at how beautifully this dress twirls and gives a nice Lucille Ball look
 Also you can look punk as hell in it.

Life is just better when you have a pretty dress I mean let’s face it.

 It would look even better if I could figure out vintage hairstyles like god dang. But nope, my long angled can I speak to a manager bob it is. 

It is also National Love Your Pet and I love any holiday made up by hallmark to sell cards especially if it involves my dog. So here is Abe who is a literal angel. 

Until next time,

Hailey & Abe

Shelby’s Website

Haute on the Town

 Shirt, Similar to the Skirt

Hello Again!

I finally got time to go into beautiful downtown. I live on the outskirts so I never have the opportunity to get a nice background for fashion photos. But I did which was awesome! My hair is way too short for me to do anything cute with it yet, but I am trying to learn.

But the outfit! I have to favorite kinds of shirts: turtlenecks or off the shoulders. I have my winter off the shoulder and then a short sleeved summer one. And then my sleeveless turtleneck for summer that makes me look like Steve Jobs. Your fashion basics obviously. But the my winter off the shoulder shirt is from Unique Vintage. It is amazing. It is tight and the sleeves never fall which is awesome. I also have a real cool link to Unique Vintage’s homepage on my homepage to the right! Unique Vintage is where I get most of my clothes. They have great coupons. And the shirt is even on sale now!

The skirt I bought from Heart of Haute a year ago. They seem to have stopped selling it now, but you can get the dress version from the sale rack!

Onto my book goal. I am currently reading Girl Boss which is super incredibly awesome to read. I just haven’t finished it yet!

My pictures for this post also look exactly alike but I love them. So oh well.

Until next time,


Wear a Skirt or Don’t

Okay so, I have been doing that whole read a book every week thing I promised. First off, I had very very high goals for myself. I was thinking that I would read like a book a day when I was 11, but believe it or not I am a little busier now than when I was 11. I am still reading a book a week, but they are school assigned books. Which sounds awful but I am in classes only for my major now. So all history all the time aka my dream. But the first book on my fun strong women author book list was Anna Kendrick’s book Scrappy Little Nobody. I did not love it, which was incredibly disappointing. I expected more of it to resonate with me. But I did not relate to it because I did not grow up acting or anything close. If you are a theater kid, you will love it. 
But Anna Kendrick did bring up something that stuck with me: Fashion. She had an entire chapter dedicated to her dislike for it. She discusses how she learned to respect even if she does not love it. She always saw fashion as a way to have the class distinction present without even talking. Which can be true. Unless you learn to absolutely fake it and thrift and coupon like hell. There is always this mindset that it is better to dress casual. It is completely equal. It just depends on your preference. I have met so many absolute morons in college that judge you and tell you that you only dress nice because you are a freshmen and eventually you will stop caring. Or the girls that try to act like they are better because they wear ‘band tee shirts and sneakers’ and ‘are not like other girls’. What about being like another awesome lady is so awful? Why is dressing one way or another better? It is like clothes are automatically a way to compete with others instead of using it as a way to feel amazing.
It is completely and all about personal preference. There are days where I feel like dressing down because an 11 am class is still way too early for me and other days where I feel 100% better in a dress. 
I wanted to take this time to discuss why I started dressing the weird way that I do. 
But anyway, it forced me to embrace my intense fear of wearing anything else. And so sophomore year I wore a skirt. First off, I learned wearing a dress takes literally no effort at all. You don’t have to match anything. People also automatically assume you put effort in.
I learned my sophomore year that I felt the most comfortable in weird outfits. I want my skirt down to my knees. If I don’t get stared at throughout the day, it is not a good day. And I could not be happier that way.
Clothes should not be about shielding yourself off from other people. There also isn’t one way to dress that is better than the other. Wear tee shirts and jeans every day or act like you are going to the grammys every day. It doesn’t matter as long as you are happy and content with it!
But anyway here is the casual outfit I wore today, not because I was comfy or wanted to, but because it was the outfit closest to me and I was running late. Ft. my very constant photobombing dog. 
Until Next Time, 

Conquering My Fear of the Pencil Skirt

 Shirt, Skirt, Similar Shoes

Okay so idealistic Hailey has made a ton of New Years Revolutions. And one of them is to conquer my intense fear of pencil skirts. I literally just never wore them, but there are only so many fit and flare skirts a girl can own before it starts to feel a little repetitive. So I pick this terrifying skirt with a slit up the side, A SLIT!!! It is completely crazy.

I like strutting around in this outfit. My whole mindset lately is really just happy and nostalgic and this outfit fits this mindset wonderfully. I was walking around barnes and noble with the la la land soundtrack played in the background. It is a wonderful life, I love it. And this outfit completes that feeling. I love the pop of color with the yellow shoes, which I have had for years but I was always way too scared to wear them. 

But now I am wearing them as they deserve. I thrifted the shoes from this place in Augusta called Final Cut. It is a god sent store. It sells the clothes that had small flaws and so it couldn’t sell at like anthropology or urban outfitters. These shoes were 10$!!! Travel to Augusta just for that store. And leave way before you decide you like it and want to move because it is the worst place. 

I bought this skirt from Top Vintage but it is Steady brand. Top Vintage has a lot of amazing clothes. It’s cheaper than most websites I get my clothes at. But also it ships from the Netherlands so it takes about a month and a half to get to the US. Which is inconvenient, but for some things I am just like #worthit.

My last post included how I plan to read a ton of feminism awesome empowering books. I started with Anna Kendrick’s Scrappy Little Nobody. I love Anna Kendrick. But I did not love it. It wasn’t relatable content for me, cause I didn’t grow up on Broadway. Or have like any of the same experiences as she did. She bragged about never being a rule breaker growing and then doing molly. Which is breaking the FREAKING LAW.

But she brought up some great points on people’s opinions of fashion which I will discuss in my next post. I promise it will not be another 3 weeks.

Until Next Time,


Tea Cup Skirt

This post took forever to make, for which I am really sorry. I would like to say that it was the holidays and I was too busy with family but really I had to binge watch Game of Thrones because I have HBO go now and it is killing any productivity I have. I am home on break, it is awful. So that explains the awful background that is my backyard at home. I cannot wait to go back. I think you fully realize how lame you are when you realize you want to go back to school.
But more importantly, this outfit. It is one of my absolute favorites because it is really easy and looks like you put effort in. I call this skirt my tea cup skirt or my cupcake skirt cause it is so flared out at all times and I love it. It is the literal best skirt ever. I got it as a steal from Express. It was on clearance and then 50% off so it was like 7$. It was a rare steal so I can’t post a link of it. I also cannot currently find any similars unfortunately. It is hard to find skirts that are short with this kind of flare, you could go for a flared longer skirt and cut and sew it. One like that would be here. Or you can definitely try express and see if you are also lucky. The shirt is also my favorite. I love off the shoulder tops. It gives that beautiful Grace Kelly Vibe so this shirt I got here. It took me forever to find an off the shoulder top I approve of but I do recommend this one. It is so so tight that the sleeves literally never move.
My goal for this was to just be a fashion blog, but with how 2016 went I need to have a lot of soul searching to find happiness. I thought that might be helpful to include that progress here just as I learn. Probably will occur rarely.
One of my goals is to read a lot of inspirational books, I use to read so so many books 2 years ago. I wish I didn’t overwhelmingly love sappy quotes, but I paint them constantly. My house is covered. Am I learning to cross stitch solely so I can make things say that there is strength in being soft? Ya. For right now I have a list of books that are considered worthy of Girl Bosses which is what I am trying to accept and obtain this year. So I have set a goal for reading one girl boss book a week. And then later on may move into reading those books about how my dog saved me or 100 ways to be happy or something just as cringey.
 So to me being a girl boss and strong and fashionable kind of coincide. That people want to tell you that you can’t look girly and argue, but I will annihilate you in a debate all while wearing dresses with dogs on it. So I will include these books and what I think in my blog. 
Current Read: Scrappy Little Nobody by Anna Kendrick. Will have finished for the next blog post, so stay tuned.
Sorry for tonight ramble, ha.
Until next time, 

First Pinup Girl Clothing Order

Hello again! Today’s post features pictures by the amazing photographer Shelby Sheppard (link to her website at the bottom). You can always tell when I take the pictures myself and when she does. She is an amazing professional with a gift of making people look way better. So if you ever need any kind of pictures 100% go to her.

I’ve been eyeing clothes from the website PinUp Girl Clothing for a while. I was always trying to buy it second hand and all, because broke college student life that I am living. I scored super extra big during the pink Friday sale on their website. Black Friday I went wild, lots of new clothes to blog. I am very very excited. So the Doris skirt was on final sale and then black Friday sale. They still have a Doris skirt on final sale, but only in extra small. It is an absolutely beautiful skirt, very amazing quality. I am always picky about black skirts being dark enough, because I wear a lot of black shirts with it. I like for it to be the exact shade black to match. The Doris skirt is very very dark. It goes wonderfully with black shirts. My goal is to pair this with the PUG Jailbird top or Vivien of Holloway slash neck top, I just haven’t gotten around to buying it yet. It is getting colder out in Georgia and so I paired it with plain black stockings. I usually get my stockings from H&M because they are very sturdy and will last months. I usually throw them out before they rip. The shoes are the tricky part. I bought them off Modcloth two years ago. They are very pretty shoes, but so so uncomfortable. They have since sold out and do not sell them anymore. But you can find a lot of similar shoes from BAIT footwear, here. BAIT is also more comfortable.

I wore my usually Kat Von D Nahz Fur Atoo lipstick. I am going to try out Besame Lipstick within the next couple weeks, so a post will be coming with that! And then my terribly not done nails. 

Until Next Time,