Send Me Dog Pics Always

Send Me Dog Pics Shirt , Similar Circle Skirt

I got this tee shirt at Forever 21 back in the Spring, but they had stopped selling it. So this is a delayed post about how it is back on their website for only $8. Also it is the softest shirt ever. I am currently in a tee shirt and circle skirt phase and that shows in this picture. Best and easiest combination ever. Also only wear circle skirts with tights otherwise they are way too short.

I also paired it with Kat Von D Nurs Fur Atoo lipstick which I have since stopped using, due to actually researching who she is as a person. It is also a red lipstick but in all pictures it comes out looking darker than it actually is. So I have since switched over to using Smashbox or Too Faced lipsticks.

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The First of Many Polka Dots This Summer

But this is the outfit! I bought it at Forever21 for $8! They do not have it online anymore. But they have similar ones in other colors, such as this floral one, on their website. It is also insanely flattering, as hopefully you can see. I never wear cleavage bearing dresses because of insecurities. So this was a really big moment for me. I would have never done it without my best friend Toriana constantly hyping me up.

I paired this dress with this red belt. I bought in a small/medium which is a lie. It was like a hula hoop. So be ready to stab yourself multiple times trying to make another hole in the belt with a very dull steak knife. Until you give up and go find an actual adult with a toolbox to help. So maybe buy a size down.

I also wore it with these red flats which I adore! You will see them a ton this summer in my blog posts. They are so comfortable and stylish. My actual favorite shoes ever.

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I Believe in Red


It’s is still February! I love February! Valentines Day! President’s Day! And Super Museum Sunday- which is something Savannah does where all Museums are free, aka the best day ever. It is just such a happy month. And it was beautiful outside so I had to put on my tulle skirt and heels.

This shirt really captures how I feel about everything in life. I believe in the power of red lipstick. Any bad situation is better with red lipstick! You can wear a sweatshirt and put red lipstick on and everyone just assumes you tried. Also a lot of people say they don’t look good in red lipstick, which is false. Everyone can wear red lipstick and look like a baddie (trying not to cuss on blog), it is just a fact of life. Do not try and argue with the universe.


Also this skirt is on sale for 18$, so go get it.

I have the picture of me looking to the side because I wanted to show my sock bun. My hair is finally long enough to back to using this look. Sock Bun are classy as heck. It is versatile like red lipstick and makes you automatically look put together. Super easy and takes 5 minutes to do. This is what I use to do it. It also lasts forever.

I am also wearing Kat Von D’s everlasting lipstick in Nahz Fur Atoo.

I am going to end on this quote. It’s over-quoted but still cute.

I believe in pink. I believe that laughing is the best calorie burner. I believe in kissing, kissing a lot. I believe in being strong when everything seems to be going wrong. I believe that happy girls are the prettiest girls. I believe that tomorrow is another day and I believe in miracles. -Audrey Hepburn

Be happy, believe in small things, whatever!

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Trying Out This Whole Pants Thing…


I am always taking very long breaks from blogging for whatever reason. This past month I actually started working two jobs and still in school and then gained 10 lbs because my job is next to KFC. Apparently KFC on the reg makes you gain weight, I am completely shocked. So just haven’t  been feeling cute enough to blog/ too busy to blog. Which is where the pants come in.

 As you can tell from the pictures I was really feeling this outfit. It is very rare that I find pants I like. But these are beautiful! They are high waisted and hug at the waist and then flare out so it doesn’t show stomach or huge thighs. They are perfect to accentuate waists and hips. And also houndstooth which is the perfect winter pattern. Also H&M
is having great sales to make up for their controversies. So these awesome pants are $19!

I paired it with my basic 3/4 sleeve shirt from Target. I got it in store for a couple dollars and picked it up in almost every color. It is a really good closet staple to have so check out your local store.

And then these huge heeled boots I found at Kohls about 2 years ago. You can find a pair at DSW!

I will have another blog post later this week along with a valentines outfit guide. I always say I will post later today but then don’t because I nap forever. So the best way to follow along with my blog is at the end of the page subscribe and you will get an email of whenever I do post it!

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Over sized Sweaters All the Time

I went to the mall today to do some Christmas shopping for just myself. And I went into H&M with this outfit that is fully from H&M. I got this particular turtleneck

sweater from their black Friday sale. And they still have some available in the grey that I have in the picture. It is really comfy and warm. What I have been doing this winter is wearing over sized sweaters with small jersey skirts, so it evens it out. Usually I wear knit tights or thigh high to keep warm but I forgot to pack them so oh well!

I am not big on wearing a lot of colors, as you may have noticed. So I keep it festive by adding small pins. Like this one from Kate Gabrielle.

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It is Finally October!

Okay so it is finally October. In Georgia it usually is mid 90s until the end of October. But it is getting cold here now! I am so excited! I live for pumpkin everything. And now Saturday Night Live, The Mindy Project, and Brooklyn Nine-Nine are back and so I am alive and happy again.

Everyone loves Halloween and October but it is not my thing. Spooky and scary is not great for me, even though I do wear enough black to be a witch. I very firmly love Christmas and Thanksgiving. So there will not be many spooky outfits this month but next month tons of dogs wearing christmas hats so be ready.

I spent the weekend around Atlanta exploring and adventuring and so I wore my comfortable outfit. I actually made this shirt! I am so proud I have told absolutely everyone that has complimented it. It is super comfy, made with a 3$ shirt from amazon. I paired it with these pants I got a while ago.
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PantsShirtHoopsLipstick in Underage Red

Okay so yet again a hurricane has kicked me out of my town which gave me some time off work to fashion blog!

I have had this shirt forever, but it just went on sale!

This shirt brings attention to something I do often which is clothes hunting. Basically, especially with unique vintage and modcloth, you should shop around for the best price. The clothing most of the time is not their original brand. So because of that sometimes the original site is cheaper or running a sale that may not be on the other. So its really important. I found this shirt also at Forever 21 (shocking because it is nice material and not flimsy??) but currently it is on sale at unique vintage so that is the ideal place.

Also you will see a ton of me wearing gold hoops, not because of fall style or anything, I am just now discovering that I love them so.

And then I paired it with my usual go to pants that I adore. They are versatile and comfy and I love them.

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Off the Shoulder Galore

DressSimilar ShoesHair Scarf

This post is brought to you by the Outback parking lot, I am alive because of Outback and their cheese fries.

Okay so I bought this dress from unique vintage as a nice summer dress for long days outside. Terrible idea. Beautiful dress but it is not a flowy beach lightweight dress. It is very heavy material so it makes a good August/September dress. Also if your a small, it is on sale!

Also I have absolutely been obsessed with pom pom earrings lately. I have a very specific idea of what I want them to look like and I just could not find it. So I started making my own pom pom earrings. But then randomly yesterday I found exactly what I was looking for at Charming Charlie’s. It is not on their website currently but the two stores I have been to have a ton so it is worth checking it out. The ones I made should be making a blog appearance soon! But anything pom pom is amazing.

And then I have my very beautiful chiffon scarf. I usually start the day by wearing it around my neck and then change it to a hair scarf halfway through my day.

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Everything Before 1776 was a Mistake


So for the last couple of weeks I have been spending my time studying history in medieval Siena. It is a wonderful city. But I Have no time to fashion blog. Most days are spent sweating it out in some building built in the 600s. I can not use straighteners. Electricity is hard to come by. It is amazing. If anyone would like a historical rant about how much fun I am having to be posted and to show off all the beautiful sits let me know and I will!

Europe is wonderful for fashion. Everything is mustard yellow and ruffles and platform shoes. I believe Zara is also in america but it is everywhere in Italy. Zara is an amazing store because they take a normal dress and then just add stuff to it: ruffles, patches, patterns, just fun stuff. I love it.

This is my absolute favorite dress. I have worn it a million times since I got it a month ago. It is all my favorite tins: ruffles, gingham, and off the shoulder.

And then I paired it with Stila lipstick, which is not my favorite. It wore off within an hour.

But anyway today is the 4th of July.  So I get to have a small celebration in Italy. No matter were I am in the world I will forever be an American historian. So here is my first red dress ever.

Here are my favorite 4th of July quotes. It is the best holiday of the year.

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A Summer Full of Gingham

 I have not actually managed to properly blog in so long, with finals and all. But I have finally been able to leave the house and go downtown. It is very nice to be able to dress up and hang out and go to some awesome brunch places.

(Ft. an Alley dumpster)


I plan to spend most of this summer focusing on traveling and my school work. So blogging will be few and far between. But in the fall I plan to get a tripod and focus more on blogging. But this summer blogging will be on the go! I am living in gingham this summer. I secretly hate it because like all my outfits look the exact same. But if looking like a picnic blanket isn’t a summer look, I do not know what is. I get most of my latest clothes from New York & Company. Because I am trying to budget and they have expensive clothes that they put on sale a lot. NY&C makes clothes that make me feel like a successful business owner instead of a waitress struggling in college. But the dress is currently on sale! And then on top of the NY&C sends coupons in emails and so you can get even more of a discount. Which is awesome and you don’t even have to shop all online. It is the best store ever basically. Especially the Eva Mendes Collection. So check it out, it will change your life. Worn with this remarkable dress is my standard Kat Von D lipstick and very rare straightened hair.

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