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Sweater, Layering Dress

So this blog post idea has taken forever to come into fruition. It is super hard to find the RIGHT green sweater. I had ordered one in October and it never came. LUCKILY this Shein one found its way into my life.

It is the perfect transition sweater. Savannah has not decided on a season apparently, so layers are the key. Rather than pairing this sweater with a pencil skirt like I usually would, I put it over this basic skater dress from H&M. That way when it is inevitably 25 degrees warmer in the afternoon, I can just take the sweater off. This was revolutionary to me. It took me quite a while to figure this out.


Nobert Pin

This is a super basic outfit. It is my simple go to class outfit, my classmates are tired of seeing it for sure. But to add a little bit of fun to any outfit I add a pin. It helps me get through my day to have a little pop of something light and fun. For this one I added this Nobert pin from SunsetRoadCo. I have talked about this company in the past, but I need to mention again. I adore this company! They have a ton of Harry Potter pins. The pins that I have are the best pins I have ever received, great quality, attention to detail (look at those Deathly Hallows with the dragon!), fast shipping, and Nikki is the sweetest person ever. All around recommend.

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When To Save & When To Splurge?

Clothes shopping as a college student can get really complicated. Clothes that do not cost as much cost fall apart. Clothes that are well made are so expensive. Where is the middle ground here?

How do you know when to save and when you should splurge?

When I was younger and had no bills I splurged A TON on clothes. It was great for like a year until I moved out and couldn’t do that anymore.

The expensive clothes that I bought were made to last, but I was in no position to keep them for as long as they would last.

My style has really evolved over the past couple years. I have gone from really goth to wannabe pinup to preppy maybe? Some pieces can be used for different styles: I still wear midi skirts from my pinup phase in order to make an outfit retro inspired. But I bought a lot of 1940s dresses which I doesn’t fit my style anymore.

Of course you always think your style will be the same forever, but you have to consider how versatile each piece is when thinking about splurging on it.

If it is something you are not sure about, can you find it cheaper?

There are so many cool ways to find clothes for less nowadays. Thrift shops are great if you have a general idea of what you want. I get very specific though so I look for the exact name on Poshmark. I am able to find a lot of the pricier items there for much less.

Can you find a similar one?

This is #1 thing I do. Learning the basic style names of clothes makes it very easy to find similar items. Such as: peter pan collar, houndstooth, gingham, midi skirt, pussy bow. The technical term narrows down the search significantly.

That is what I did with this outfit. For some reason, this style of dress is really hard to find/ is expensive when found. Unless it is a Wednesday Adams costume apparently.

I found this style of dress on one of my splurgy websites, but is it a style worth splurging on? For me, I did not think so. So I searched everywhere and found a similar one on amazon.

Add a little bit of body text The first one comes with a belt, the second one does not but the second one was 35$ cheaper. I already had a belt so I added that to add a little bit more form to this outfit.

Collared Dress w/ red shoes


Dress, Similar Belt 1, Similar Belt 2,  Similar Belt 3, Shoes

It is very similar to the more expensive dress. For me, it worked well because I was not looking for a dress to last years.

Also this is fast fashion, it is short termed cute outfits. Unfortunately this is what I can afford as a college student on a budget. But! You can take clothes that rip or break to H&M and they recycle the fabric.

Hopefully this is helpful!

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Coats & Christmas Decorations Forever

Similar Coat 1, Similar Coat 2, Similar Coat 3

Scarf, Boots

I have been really feeling the oversized coat style lately. I’m also never one to mix patterns, so wearing two different grid patterns is a big deal for me.

Thigh highs are also awesome to wear in winter so I was really excited to be able to find a situation to wear them. H&M thigh highs don’t sleep down as well which is nice.

And then of course my typical heeled boots that I wear. Heeled boots are perfect for winter (if you don’t live in a place with snow.)

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Houndstooth in Winter? Groundbreaking.





Coat, Boots

I recently started my rent the runway unlimited subscription. I cannot recommend this enough. It has completely replaced my clothes shopping. You pay a certain amount each month, which can be tough on a college student budget but you do not have to shop for clothes ever and you can pause or cancel at anytime. You keep a steady rotation of 4 designer clothes or accessories with your subscription. This has been really good for me because I am not someone who likes to repeat outfits. That is such a waste of clothing. With Rent the Runway I do not have to waste and I send them back and get new ones while the clothes also get to be worn by others! It is also perfect for switching your wardrobe up. I do not have a lot of professional clothes and so rather than having to buy a whole new closet, I rent profession clothes and keep my work life stylish.

I was able to rent this gorgeous coat from Rent the Runway on my last order. It is the best coat I have ever worn (well duh it is designer.) Very warm while also fashionable. Cannot recommend it enough. Also houndstooth is the perfect design for winter chic fashion.

I bought these heeled boots from H&M last week. I love these boots. They are high heeled but comfortable. I could wear them all day. They’re perfect to make any winter outfit automatically stylish with little effort. Heeled boots make people think that you tried.

The interesting thing about this outfit is that it is so simple. I work a black turtleneck, black skirt, black tights, black boots, and a coat. This is such an easy outfit to do with clothes you already own. The statement piece of this outfit is the coat. Everything else is simple to not overpower this huge coat. It is chic in the simplicity of it.

I also just really love this outfit and hopefully you do as well.

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Festive but Make It Goth


Similar 1,  Similar 2, Similar 3

I promise I have been dressing really festive for the past month, but this is the only outfit I have actually photographed for blogging. Sometimes you gotta be a Christmas goth though.

It is Christmas here in Savannah so everywhere is decorated really beautifully. But it also means I can wear short sleeves and skirts all the time.

I bought this shirt from a company Tees by Tash, but they have since closed down. So I have linked some similar ones above. Specifically similar 1 is a link to the same saying but in a sweatshirt version which works for colder places.

Also I like posting this right before Christmas because these shirts go on sale close to and after Christmas. I use this time to stock up on Christmas outfits for next year. Christmas is just my favorite holiday ever.

I paired this outfit with a circle skirt and thigh highs from h&m. Thigh highs are the perfect thing to make any outfit look badass as hell. And then of course heeled boots to make this outfit look super tough. Really perfect for a dark Christmas look.

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Ways to Save at H&M

H&M has had really nice clothing lately. So I really splurged and you will see a lot of their clothes on my next couple blog posts. I bought this houndstooth skirt recently. Houndstooth is the perfect pattern for winter. And luckily H&M has a ton always.

houndstooth post1

houndstooth post4

houndstooth post 2


Since H&M is on top of their style game always, here are some ways that they offer to save all year round.


Unidays is a website that understands that college students are broke. So if you have a college student email address, you can sign up on their website for discounts to various sites. When you online shop, they give you a unique discount code to apply in your cart. They offer 15% off for H&M orders.

Sign up for the newsletter

Get 25% off when you sign up for their email newletter

Garment Reuse Program

H&M has an amazing program where they accept any condition of textiles to recycle. For every bag of clothes you donate, you get a 15% coupon for next time. Which is awesome, you get to get new clothes but also can get rid of the old things you do not need and they get recycled.

So hopefully this is helpful, because H&M is really winter style heaven.

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A Very Cyber Monday Outfit

Short Sleeve TurtleneckSkirtFleece Lined TightsBoots

It is Cyber Monday and I am posting this super late!

The short sleeved turtleneck that I have been obsessed lately went one sale! So originally it is only $13 but Target is doing buy one get one 60% off mix match clothes and shoes. You can get this lovely shirt in every color they sell it in as I did or you can get these awesome boots I am wearing in this picture. Or both. Target is also having 15% off site wide (with some restrictions.) And they do free two day shipping. What a time to be alive.

The skirt is one I bought at H&M a week or so ago. But now H&M is doing 35% off and free shipping site wide as well today.

I also paired it with fleece lined tights from Kohl’s and they have become my best friend in these cold months.

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Don’t Lose the Magic

It is finally fall weather in Savannah. Only problem is that it is sweater weather in the morning and then in the afternoon it is unbearably hot. So my solution is short sleeve dresses, tights, and a cardigan. That way when it gets terrible, I can take that cardigan off. It works well.

This cardigan from chicwish is perfect for that. It is beautifully made. It is comfortable and cozy. They do not sell it in a cardigan version anymore, but here is a sweater version chicwish still sells. Also here are some similar versions. 1. 2.  3.


I also like to add fun pins to my outfits whenever I am having a bad day. I have a lot of pins, but this one is my absolute favorite. It has the best quality of any pin I have ever ever bought. I am a proud Hufflepuff and my pin is able to show that off. But Sunset Road Co. has all the houses for you to have your house pride! Also there are multiple other Harry Potter pins at Sunset Road Co. and I will be styling one later this week as well! I 100% recommend these pins, they are the best pins ever. As a pin fanatic, this is the best shop for pins.

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Trick or Treat Yo Self Always

Since breaking my arm, I have not been able to craft recently. For some reason though I have been dying to craft, which is really weird because I never felt the need to before. The only crafting I am able to do is making fun tee shirts because it is really simple and just requires ironing on letters. Here is an example of one I made recently for Halloween!

And here is the link to the tutorial I used to learn how to do it. It includes the letters that are best to use and all, which are on amazon prime!

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This is one of my favorite looks in a while because I looked so cute that someone asked me how I was liking Sophomore year at the local high school. That is always a great way to measure how good an outfit is- if you get mistaken for a high school-er.

They do not sell this shirt anymore unfortunately. I got it three or four years ago at Forever21. It is pussy bow style, before Melania took it and made me hate it. I am trying to go back to that simpler time and not associating it with her. Also this is not really a pussy bow style shirt, it is a shirt with a bow in the back that I have always just worn backwards. Since they do not sell it anymore here are some similar ones:

Similar 1

 Similar 2 

Similar 3

I also paired this look with a circle skirt because that is all I wear in Georgia heat now.

And then of course with my favorite pair of shoes. I have written about them a ton, they’re super comfy and I like in them. Also only $10 on amazon with prime. They’re the best. Wearing red shoes with the most boring outfit ever just makes people think you tried. It is great.

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