A Very Cyber Monday Outfit

Short Sleeve TurtleneckSkirtFleece Lined TightsBoots

It is Cyber Monday and I am posting this super late!

The short sleeved turtleneck that I have been obsessed lately went one sale! So originally it is only $13 but Target is doing buy one get one 60% off mix match clothes and shoes. You can get this lovely shirt in every color they sell it in as I did or you can get these awesome boots I am wearing in this picture. Or both. Target is also having 15% off site wide (with some restrictions.) And they do free two day shipping. What a time to be alive.

The skirt is one I bought at H&M a week or so ago. But now H&M is doing 35% off and free shipping site wide as well today.

I also paired it with fleece lined tights from Kohl’s and they have become my best friend in these cold months.

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Trying Out This Whole Pants Thing…


I am always taking very long breaks from blogging for whatever reason. This past month I actually started working two jobs and still in school and then gained 10 lbs because my job is next to KFC. Apparently KFC on the reg makes you gain weight, I am completely shocked. So just haven’t  been feeling cute enough to blog/ too busy to blog. Which is where the pants come in.

 As you can tell from the pictures I was really feeling this outfit. It is very rare that I find pants I like. But these are beautiful! They are high waisted and hug at the waist and then flare out so it doesn’t show stomach or huge thighs. They are perfect to accentuate waists and hips. And also houndstooth which is the perfect winter pattern. Also H&M
is having great sales to make up for their controversies. So these awesome pants are $19!

I paired it with my basic 3/4 sleeve shirt from Target. I got it in store for a couple dollars and picked it up in almost every color. It is a really good closet staple to have so check out your local store.

And then these huge heeled boots I found at Kohls about 2 years ago. You can find a pair at DSW!

I will have another blog post later this week along with a valentines outfit guide. I always say I will post later today but then don’t because I nap forever. So the best way to follow along with my blog is at the end of the page subscribe and you will get an email of whenever I do post it!

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Over sized Sweaters All the Time

I went to the mall today to do some Christmas shopping for just myself. And I went into H&M with this outfit that is fully from H&M. I got this particular turtleneck

sweater from their black Friday sale. And they still have some available in the grey that I have in the picture. It is really comfy and warm. What I have been doing this winter is wearing over sized sweaters with small jersey skirts, so it evens it out. Usually I wear knit tights or thigh high to keep warm but I forgot to pack them so oh well!

I am not big on wearing a lot of colors, as you may have noticed. So I keep it festive by adding small pins. Like this one from Kate Gabrielle.

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