Everything Before 1776 was a Mistake


So for the last couple of weeks I have been spending my time studying history in medieval Siena. It is a wonderful city. But I Have no time to fashion blog. Most days are spent sweating it out in some building built in the 600s. I can not use straighteners. Electricity is hard to come by. It is amazing. If anyone would like a historical rant about how much fun I am having to be posted and to show off all the beautiful sits let me know and I will!

Europe is wonderful for fashion. Everything is mustard yellow and ruffles and platform shoes. I believe Zara is also in america but it is everywhere in Italy. Zara is an amazing store because they take a normal dress and then just add stuff to it: ruffles, patches, patterns, just fun stuff. I love it.

This is my absolute favorite dress. I have worn it a million times since I got it a month ago. It is all my favorite tins: ruffles, gingham, and off the shoulder.

And then I paired it with Stila lipstick, which is not my favorite. It wore off within an hour.

But anyway today is the 4th of July.  So I get to have a small celebration in Italy. No matter were I am in the world I will forever be an American historian. So here is my first red dress ever.

Here are my favorite 4th of July quotes. It is the best holiday of the year.

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A Summer Full of Gingham

 I have not actually managed to properly blog in so long, with finals and all. But I have finally been able to leave the house and go downtown. It is very nice to be able to dress up and hang out and go to some awesome brunch places.

(Ft. an Alley dumpster)


I plan to spend most of this summer focusing on traveling and my school work. So blogging will be few and far between. But in the fall I plan to get a tripod and focus more on blogging. But this summer blogging will be on the go! I am living in gingham this summer. I secretly hate it because like all my outfits look the exact same. But if looking like a picnic blanket isn’t a summer look, I do not know what is. I get most of my latest clothes from New York & Company. Because I am trying to budget and they have expensive clothes that they put on sale a lot. NY&C makes clothes that make me feel like a successful business owner instead of a waitress struggling in college. But the dress is currently on sale! And then on top of the NY&C sends coupons in emails and so you can get even more of a discount. Which is awesome and you don’t even have to shop all online. It is the best store ever basically. Especially the Eva Mendes Collection. So check it out, it will change your life. Worn with this remarkable dress is my standard Kat Von D lipstick and very rare straightened hair.

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Gingham in the Winter


I was able to work with the amazing Shelby Sheppard for blog photos when I took my monthly trip back to Augusta to get a haircut. Fun fact: Do not move anywhere before you find somewhere who you trust with your life, aka your hair. But I will post Shelby’s website at the end of this post. But she is the best person to adventure with. We got to go to a wonderful locally owned bookstore in Augusta called The Book Tavern, which is a great place.  But I wore a very beautiful dress from Top Vintage. They have amazing dresses. But they ship from somewhere in Europe so it takes like a month to get your order. But by then I usually forget I ordered anything and it is a super happy surprise. I love Gingham to death, but to me it is a purely summer look. It gives off some solid picnic vibes.

But we got to take some beautiful pictures with my favorite things.

 And look at how beautifully this dress twirls and gives a nice Lucille Ball look
 Also you can look punk as hell in it.

Life is just better when you have a pretty dress I mean let’s face it.

 It would look even better if I could figure out vintage hairstyles like god dang. But nope, my long angled can I speak to a manager bob it is. 

It is also National Love Your Pet and I love any holiday made up by hallmark to sell cards especially if it involves my dog. So here is Abe who is a literal angel. 

Until next time,

Hailey & Abe

Shelby’s Website