Friday Favorites

So this Friday Favorites is a little late because I have been feeling very discouraged about blogging lately. But I did some instagram polls and apparently y’all still read these. So good because I have a TON of favorites to share.


  1. The first favorite I want to share is Femfetti. I have been so excited to work with them for my blog because they have been a brand I have admired FOREVER. I bought a ton of shirts that I will be featuring on my blog over the next couple weeks. And I have been constantly raving about them on instagram and I am sorry but they are really fun and the vibes I like.  They have a ton of discounts too. Right now they are doing BOGO 40%. But then also you can use my code LINCOLN for an additional 15% off. So like discounts on discounts on discounts.
  2. I have not done a Friday Favorites in a while and since the last friday favorites Taylor Swift’s new album Lover has come out. I am really digging it. It is an hour and 2 minutes long which is exactly my ride to school everyday. I like the going forward outlook of this album, about letting go and being happy and content. Also why I like Happiness Begins by the Jonas Brothers. My favorites from Lover though after long consideration:

Cornelia Street (of course)

Cruel Summer

Death By A Thousand Cuts



A lot of the women I follow have started some amazing brands/ companies recently and so I wanted to talk about them.

3.    Elana from Room 334 has started an AMAZING website which compiles a list of independent women owned businesses to support. It has become my go to for more brands to shop. But also there is a blog part where Elana interviews the women who run these stores. The interviews are really inspirational. I have been in a creative rut recently where I feel like all of this is pointless, but those interviews have really helped me pull through.

4. Another amazing woman named Ashley has opened an etsy shop The Golden Serpent. It is a shop for alternative fashion but there are a couple pieces that are alternative but can be styled vintage. They are very versatile.

5. I have also started doing a LOT more stuff blog related. I use my pinterest a lot more now. I have started using LiketoKnowIt to post my outfits on as well. LiketoKnowIt allows me to tag items and if they are out of stock I can tag similar ones. Also when you have a liketoknowit and you like my instagram photo you get a notification for that look. I have also started using 21 buttons as well. It is a little different from liketoknowit as it is the link to the direct item, but they have the opportunity to link ANY site rather than the limited ones that participate in liketoknowit. Both are really good and I do not have a preference so whichever you prefer.

So glad to be able to share these with you all. Thank you for continuing to encourage and support me with this blog. And hopefully next week I will have some awesome books for my favorites.

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Friday Favorites on a Monday

Friday Favorites (1)

I have not done a Friday Favorites in a while but I am trying to get my life together and be positive so let’s discuss my favorite things this week.

  1. Taylor Swift’s new song Archer- I liked this new song from Taylor Swift. I have not liked the other singles that have come out so far. She has had me really on the fence lately, but she came through kind of with this single. It’s slow and nice to listen to in the car and only the car.
  2.  Nathan For You- This is the funniest show I have ever seen in my life. It is on hulu. Honestly the best show ever. My neighbors probably think I am insane because this show has me hysterically laughing at 3 AM.
  3.  Jenny O’dell’s How To Do Nothing-  I have been going through it a lot lately and this book is really nice food for thought about what it means to be productive. Really recommend it. 
  4. Colourpop’s lipstick sale– In honor of National Lipstick Day Monday July 29 (I’m so excited!) colourpop is having 40% off all their lipsticks.
  5. Unique Vintage Halloween Collection-  I am so excited that Unique Vintage released their Halloween collection already. I am not even a Halloween person, but I am so excited for the clothes. They’re so fun. I cannot wait to style these this fall!

Check them out!

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Friday Favorites

It is Spring Break for me!

I have recently been on a mission to stay inspired. So far it has been going really really well. Fashion wise my life has been going really great and I have GREAT content coming. I am so excited. It has been really hard to keep this mindset and I am so pleased that it has been working.

So let’s stay fashion inspired with this weeks Friday Favorites.

1, 2

I am loving putting accessories in my hair so much! They are especially helpful for Georgia summers and keeping hair out of face in the heat! Super excited to be rocking lots of hair accessories this summer. The 2nd one is by Rarity by Casey and her next line drops March 29 (I am so excited)!



Pearl accessories! I am LOVING these. Pearl hair accessories are amazing to style, with earrings or a pearl dress. Overall really excited for this.


Block Heels

I have been obsessed with block heels lately! Really easily chic while also comfortable. I can’t wait to style them in coming blog posts!

I am so excited to include these styles going forward, so keep an eye out for them!

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Friday Favorites: International Women’s Day Edition

Today is International Women’s Day! And it also just so happens to fall on my Friday Favorites Day! I like to do 5 Friday Favorites but I have a lot more today because AWESOME women!

So in honor of International Women’s Day, this week’s Friday Favorites revolve around that!

I have been reading SO many amazing blogs lately, trying to get inspiration and help get out of my rut, so here are some of my favorite blogs run by badass women.

  • Suburban Faux-Pas- The BEST style. Honestly goals through and through. I love how she takes risks with fashions and her unique styling.
  • Tayler Malott- LOVE her style! Classy, chic, and feminine. Also she has all kinds of inspiration on her blog and I love her dedication to positivity.
  • She Saw Style– A darker fashion mood. Love going to her for inspiration for moody fashion.
  • Champagne Edit- I love Dana’s blog. She of course has amazing fashion, but also amazing taste. I love seeing her favorites on her blog!
  • Sequins and Sales- Always have to include Amanda because she is an amazing wonderful person. Not only is she super fashionable, but she has amazing advice and is sooo helpful with blogging!


I feel like women’s books are always there. Like of course read the Feminist Mystique in your lifetime. But some newer ones:

  • Becoming- Michelle Obama
  • Bad Feminist- Roxane Gay
  • Moral Property of Women- This book is my history major coming out. It is a monograph. It is very intense and indepth. But it is honestly the best and most comprehensive book I have ever read. It is all about birth control history in America, which is really important to understand where we are now. Super recommend, just give it 6 months to read.

Popular Culture:

It is a GREAT time for popular culture and women right now, in my opinion.

If you have not seen Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s new episode He Said, She Said, you really should watch it. It deals with very real issues women face in the workplace. A really remarkable episode and B99 did a great job of presenting it.

Also Captain Marvel comes out today! I do not have set plans to see it yet, but I will update as soon as I do because this is going to be really amazing. I am so excited for it.

Comment some of y’all’s favorite women stuff! Books, brands, blogs, anything!

Until Next Time,


Friday Favorites: Positivity This Week

I want to go back to doing my Friday favorites so here is the first one in a while! I will be doing these every week again. This is also an area where it is really just my opinion on what I like this week: anywhere from books, to articles, to fashion, to movies, anything really.

Right now I am working really hard to stay positive, as I discussed in my latest Instagram post. So this 5 Friday favorites are all what I am keeping in mind/ inspiring to stay positive. I feel like this is a basic tumblr self care post, but that’s okay. This is my Friday favorites or mood.

  1. Megan Crean’s blog post on having a happy list. I had never considered doing this before and so far this week it has been really really helping me stay positive. A cute example of a happy list and things to remember when life gets sad.   (credit)
  2.  Furiously Happy by Jenny Lawson- I have mentioned this book before. I read this book about a year ago and it fundamentally changed my life and outlook. Jenny Lawson compiles this amazing book about mixing mental illness with humor and facing everyday. I pick up this book every time I am feeling down, it helps put everything in perspective and helps get through everything.
  3. Radical Transformation Project  blog post on setting daily intentions. Since reading her posts, it is something I have been working on daily and has been really helping.
  4. This blog post about dealing with bad days. Sad days happen, how do you deal with it though and not get off track? This is a really good summary of things to do to help that way you do not get overwhelmed. When bad things happen, the further you fall behind the worse it gets (as I have learned with school.)
  5. This unsolicited advice planner by AdamJk. I love this planner, every week there is a new quote or passage about getting through it. It is not false positivity though, Adam is like this is awful, but you will get through it, every week.

Bonus- while researching my favorite posts and inspiration I stumbled on Zany Lady’s review on Thank u, next album by Ariana Grande. I personally LOVED this new album and Zany Lady’s interpretation and break down of the songs are amazing.

Hopefully this helps.

Until Next Time,