Friday Favorites

It is Spring Break for me!

I have recently been on a mission to stay inspired. So far it has been going really really well. Fashion wise my life has been going really great and I have GREAT content coming. I am so excited. It has been really hard to keep this mindset and I am so pleased that it has been working.

So let’s stay fashion inspired with this weeks Friday Favorites.

1, 2

I am loving putting accessories in my hair so much! They are especially helpful for Georgia summers and keeping hair out of face in the heat! Super excited to be rocking lots of hair accessories this summer. The 2nd one is by Rarity by Casey and her next line drops March 29 (I am so excited)!



Pearl accessories! I am LOVING these. Pearl hair accessories are amazing to style, with earrings or a pearl dress. Overall really excited for this.


Block Heels

I have been obsessed with block heels lately! Really easily chic while also comfortable. I can’t wait to style them in coming blog posts!

I am so excited to include these styles going forward, so keep an eye out for them!

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Friday Favorites: International Women’s Day Edition

Today is International Women’s Day! And it also just so happens to fall on my Friday Favorites Day! I like to do 5 Friday Favorites but I have a lot more today because AWESOME women!

So in honor of International Women’s Day, this week’s Friday Favorites revolve around that!

I have been reading SO many amazing blogs lately, trying to get inspiration and help get out of my rut, so here are some of my favorite blogs run by badass women.

  • Suburban Faux-Pas- The BEST style. Honestly goals through and through. I love how she takes risks with fashions and her unique styling.
  • Tayler Malott- LOVE her style! Classy, chic, and feminine. Also she has all kinds of inspiration on her blog and I love her dedication to positivity.
  • She Saw Style– A darker fashion mood. Love going to her for inspiration for moody fashion.
  • Champagne Edit- I love Dana’s blog. She of course has amazing fashion, but also amazing taste. I love seeing her favorites on her blog!
  • Sequins and Sales- Always have to include Amanda because she is an amazing wonderful person. Not only is she super fashionable, but she has amazing advice and is sooo helpful with blogging!


I feel like women’s books are always there. Like of course read the Feminist Mystique in your lifetime. But some newer ones:

  • Becoming- Michelle Obama
  • Bad Feminist- Roxane Gay
  • Moral Property of Women- This book is my history major coming out. It is a monograph. It is very intense and indepth. But it is honestly the best and most comprehensive book I have ever read. It is all about birth control history in America, which is really important to understand where we are now. Super recommend, just give it 6 months to read.

Popular Culture:

It is a GREAT time for popular culture and women right now, in my opinion.

If you have not seen Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s new episode He Said, She Said, you really should watch it. It deals with very real issues women face in the workplace. A really remarkable episode and B99 did a great job of presenting it.

Also Captain Marvel comes out today! I do not have set plans to see it yet, but I will update as soon as I do because this is going to be really amazing. I am so excited for it.

Comment some of y’all’s favorite women stuff! Books, brands, blogs, anything!

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Let’s Talk Trends: Amazon Fashion Brand Review

Allegra Polka Dot Fashion Style

Allegra Fashion Style

Allegra Top, Skirt, Shoes

I am going to start this off by saying there are some awesome trends that I adore, that if they had not been trending I would have never even tried. But I hate trends. You will never see me write about what is trending. I like following trends because they introduce me to new styles, but I do not care if something is no longer trending this year. Trends have an interesting impact on society. Nowadays if you put feathers in your hair, you look like a fool. But back in 2014ish that was all the rage! Or low rise jeans in the early 2000s. Trends lead to meaningless shopping. You want to go and buy the latest trends, but next year they will be out of style so you have to go and buy the next trends. This leads to a lot of clothes that you will never wear ever again! Trends have shaped my personal style in being inspired by them, but I genuinely like a lot of the trends over the years and still incorporate them into my style rather than changing every year. A lot of my style today is based off of trends from many many years ago.

That is not to say that following trends is bad! I understand watching New York Fashion Week every year to see what the newest and chicest new trend to hit the runway. But we have to be conscious of the effects these trends have on us. Do not fall for a trend you do not love in order to fit in, you will hate your pictures of this time looking back. Do not ditch last years trends! There is still a place for it with this year and for years to come.

I am talking about trends on this post because this outfit is not 2019 trendy at all. Of course polka dots and monochromatic colors never go out of style. But the collared for this shirt, that is a very 2012 trend that I still to this day absolutely adore. Along with those Peter Pan collared shirts from your high school years that have and will continue to pop in and out high fashion over the years. Maybe I like collared tops such as the one above due to their influence on vintage fashion, something that has always inspired me. But I contribute it to just genuinely falling in love with the style when it was trending in my early teenage years. Also not trending: the simple circle skirt that I have insisted on wearing over the years. This was a trend all through out 2012-2016 and seems to be making a come back for Spring 2019, but we will see. I will forever argue that it will never go out of style, it is such an amazing staple that automatically ties the outfit together and makes it look nice and polished. And then of course the infamous sock bun that I will forever be bullied for not giving up. The year was 2013 and Miley Cyrus’s street style was at an all time high (but we will see because she has been coming back lately) and everyone was watching intently to see what she would wear next and how we could imitate it.

And she wears a sock bun often. And it absolutely catches on and is all the rage for about 2 years there.

Miley Cyrus she's so naturally pretty, she doesn't need the short bleach blonde hair or the heavy makeup!           Image result for lauren conrad sock bun

I absolutely adore sock buns. I literally grew my hair out again this past year so I could wear sock buns again. It is simple and chic and classy. The sock bun is this sophisticated trend that I will never let go.

These are all trends that are not trendy anymore but are still classy and sophisticated. They can be incorporated into any outfit, especially moving forward to future trends. These trends are also really good to combine with newer trends to make a more professional look.

Now for the outfit:

Believe it or not, I have actually never ordered clothing from amazon before. There are so many brands that they have that I admire and want to buy from, but I have never taken it from wish list to cart. Until Now! I bought this entire outfit off of amazon. I want to focus on this post for the Allegra top pictured above, because the skirt and shoes are your basic ones.

I had a good first experience shopping with amazon fashion. I like this shirt. It is a cheap shirt though. It is only $20. It holds up very well and you do not need an undershirt underneath. But it is 100% polyester which creates a weird silhouette for this top. It bunches up easily. I would recommend for this top some clothing weights to keep it smooth above the skirt.


This shows you the back of the shirt here and the bunching it does. Also my messy sock bun that I refuse to let go.

So hopefully you enjoyed this post and my thoughts on trends. If you have any comments about your thoughts on trends leave them below! I would love to read them.

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Friday Favorites: Positivity This Week

I want to go back to doing my Friday favorites so here is the first one in a while! I will be doing these every week again. This is also an area where it is really just my opinion on what I like this week: anywhere from books, to articles, to fashion, to movies, anything really.

Right now I am working really hard to stay positive, as I discussed in my latest Instagram post. So this 5 Friday favorites are all what I am keeping in mind/ inspiring to stay positive. I feel like this is a basic tumblr self care post, but that’s okay. This is my Friday favorites or mood.

  1. Megan Crean’s blog post on having a happy list. I had never considered doing this before and so far this week it has been really really helping me stay positive. A cute example of a happy list and things to remember when life gets sad.   (credit)
  2.  Furiously Happy by Jenny Lawson- I have mentioned this book before. I read this book about a year ago and it fundamentally changed my life and outlook. Jenny Lawson compiles this amazing book about mixing mental illness with humor and facing everyday. I pick up this book every time I am feeling down, it helps put everything in perspective and helps get through everything.
  3. Radical Transformation Project  blog post on setting daily intentions. Since reading her posts, it is something I have been working on daily and has been really helping.
  4. This blog post about dealing with bad days. Sad days happen, how do you deal with it though and not get off track? This is a really good summary of things to do to help that way you do not get overwhelmed. When bad things happen, the further you fall behind the worse it gets (as I have learned with school.)
  5. This unsolicited advice planner by AdamJk. I love this planner, every week there is a new quote or passage about getting through it. It is not false positivity though, Adam is like this is awful, but you will get through it, every week.

Bonus- while researching my favorite posts and inspiration I stumbled on Zany Lady’s review on Thank u, next album by Ariana Grande. I personally LOVED this new album and Zany Lady’s interpretation and break down of the songs are amazing.

Hopefully this helps.

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The Facade of Karl Lagerfeld

The Facade Of Fashion's Most Notable.jpg

#iamaquote; black and white always looks modern - Karl Lagerfeld

Karl Lagerfeld was a fashion institution. He has for many years directed Chanel with his creative genius. Some of his signature styles: detachable collars, monochrome, and the double C we will forever be associated with Chanel. A lot of my personal style today was influenced by Karl Lagerfeld. I do not own sweatpants because of him. I spent a lot of teenage nights looking at his latest releases and overall being inspired by his monochromatic yet creative genius.

He was also a raging misogynist and fat phobic. 

On multiple occasions, Karl Lagerfeld has made it known that his view of the fashion world is not inclusive to average or plus sized women. He referred to Adele as being “too fat” and Heidi Klum as being “too heavy for the runway” (1.) He has pushed for this exclusive fashion world with models not above the standard slender size. He even included himself in this ridiculous standard by losing 92 lbs in one year in order to be able fit into the slender suits made by various high end designers. Rather than pushing for inclusion, he pushed himself to conform to those standards, despite his influence to change them. It was not that he felt the modeling world would not support him in pushing for change, he avidly believed and fought for these unhealthy ideals. 

He also pushed for the suppression of the #metoo movement, criticizing women for their reluctance to speak out sooner and on accusations against fellow designers, saying that models who do not want to be touched should join nunneries. 

Lagerfeld had addressed his controversial statements as well, offering a half apology to Adele at one point. But also going as far as saying, that he himself is controversy. That he is larger than life and a caricature in which the Carnival of Venice never ends. Displaying his inflated ego and commitment to a falsified show. He is personifying an internet troll without himself being on the internet or even more so the counterproductive devil’s advocate. 

Karl Lagerfeld’s influence on the fashion world is undeniable. He was a force of change and revolutionized the fashion world, but also continued the status quo of exclusionary policies and marginalizing the normal women. His affect’s on the fashion world are long lasting, but how much did he hinder the progress on the fashion world?

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Rent The Runway: Tweed Forever




Top, Pants, Shoes

I talked about my newfound love for Rent the Runway on a recent post (if you missed it, it is tagged as Rent the Runway and you can search!)

I absolutely adore Rent the Runway, as I discussed. This outfit in particular was amazing. The first time I put it on, I felt so confident! This is a more professional/ workplace outfit was well, which was really helpful because I do not own enough clothing for work. I also have never had a pair of pants that I loved. These pants were the first ones that ever worked for me. The tweed top was also the perfect pattern for winter, or Georgia’s version of winter.

This outfit reminded me why I love fashion. I have been feeling really self conscious lately and have not had the energy to dress how I like, which is a never ending negative cycle. Looking bad makes you feel bad and continuing forever. But the power of clothes! This outfit made me feel so much better about just everything.

So here’s to breaking that cycle and putting in the energy to look nice, because it affects your entire outlook.

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Coats & Christmas Decorations Forever

Similar Coat 1, Similar Coat 2, Similar Coat 3

Scarf, Boots

I have been really feeling the oversized coat style lately. I’m also never one to mix patterns, so wearing two different grid patterns is a big deal for me.

Thigh highs are also awesome to wear in winter so I was really excited to be able to find a situation to wear them. H&M thigh highs don’t sleep down as well which is nice.

And then of course my typical heeled boots that I wear. Heeled boots are perfect for winter (if you don’t live in a place with snow.)

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Why Clothes Matter: Kyrsten Sinema

“Clothes won’t change the world, the women who wear them will.” -Anne Klein

There have been a lot of strong women recently elected to congress. One of my personal favorites is Kyrsten Sinema. She was elected to the Senate as a representative of Arizona. She is the first openly bisexual women to be elected to congress. Not only did she make history because of that, but she is also a really accomplished women. She graduated high school as valedictorian at the age of 16. She got her B.A. from Brigham Young at 18. She also got her masters, J.D., and Ph.D.

The focus of this article is on her style though, which is interesting how that gets so much attention when she is such an educated and accomplished women. All of that is true, but she is making a statement with her choice in clothes. (And also this is primarily a fashion blog.)

Here she is channeling both Elle Woods and Jackie O, some strong feminine icons, on her first day of congress.

Clothing is used to send a message. Most of the time we see politicians wearing dull colors and suites because that is what we expect of them and the colors do not raise attention or any flags. We associate this aesthetic with power.

Women being elected is a newer development. Women being elected into this position are expected to dress conservatively, neat, and  overwhelmingly dull.

What we see here is a women being openly feminine while serving in what has historically been considered a man’s job. Rather than adapting who she is and how she dresses to the position, she forces her colleagues and the public to adjust their point of view: that a women can be feminine and wear pink while also being a strong educated women to be taken seriously. We are seeing how the public perceives power changing and developing as more women take office. With this development, we will see colors, dresses, and more feminine clothing enter the political arena.

I will be featuring more women that are changing how we perceive fashion. This is part 1.

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Houndstooth in Winter? Groundbreaking.





Coat, Boots

I recently started my rent the runway unlimited subscription. I cannot recommend this enough. It has completely replaced my clothes shopping. You pay a certain amount each month, which can be tough on a college student budget but you do not have to shop for clothes ever and you can pause or cancel at anytime. You keep a steady rotation of 4 designer clothes or accessories with your subscription. This has been really good for me because I am not someone who likes to repeat outfits. That is such a waste of clothing. With Rent the Runway I do not have to waste and I send them back and get new ones while the clothes also get to be worn by others! It is also perfect for switching your wardrobe up. I do not have a lot of professional clothes and so rather than having to buy a whole new closet, I rent profession clothes and keep my work life stylish.

I was able to rent this gorgeous coat from Rent the Runway on my last order. It is the best coat I have ever worn (well duh it is designer.) Very warm while also fashionable. Cannot recommend it enough. Also houndstooth is the perfect design for winter chic fashion.

I bought these heeled boots from H&M last week. I love these boots. They are high heeled but comfortable. I could wear them all day. They’re perfect to make any winter outfit automatically stylish with little effort. Heeled boots make people think that you tried.

The interesting thing about this outfit is that it is so simple. I work a black turtleneck, black skirt, black tights, black boots, and a coat. This is such an easy outfit to do with clothes you already own. The statement piece of this outfit is the coat. Everything else is simple to not overpower this huge coat. It is chic in the simplicity of it.

I also just really love this outfit and hopefully you do as well.

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8 of My Favorite Planners to Start 2018 Organized

I am 100% a planner person. I look forward to buying a new planner every January to start the New Year off. I also write down everything in my planner, even my work schedule that never changes. I see planners as an investment. You have to spend some money to get the one that is right for you, but in the end it is so helpful. So I rounded up 8 of my favorites for you to check out. (There’s a lot of black and gold on here.)

The Simple Polka Dot Planner

planner 1 (2)planner 2 (2)

I adore this planner. This is the one I bought to start the new year. It is spiraled bound which is amazing for planners. There are quotes at the beginning of each month, a overview calendar, and then a breakdown by day each month. It is the perfect planner.

Polka Dots but With the Words Best Day Ever Planner

I am a big fan of polka dots if you can’t tell, but I am also a fan of nice quotes. What better way to plan your year then reading the words best day ever every time you open it.

Pastel 2019 Planner

Rifle Paper Co is such an amazing company; I love their products. This 2019 planner is 17 months as well and so it will last for a year and a half! It also comes with stickers.

Floral 2019 Planner

Another Rifle Paper Co planner! This one is floral all the way around which is adorable. And they also have stickers in this one!

Gold Embroidered Planner 

This planner offers the simple black and gold design that I love. Also another spiral bound which makes it so easy to flip pages.

A Too True Planner

A far too relatable planner. The pale color scheme is also very calming when you’re freaking out about planning.

Be True Planner

A nice combination of the gold I love and some gorgeous florals.

Starry Night Bright Dreams

It doesn’t show but this is also spiraled. But also, this comes in black and gold if you’re as obsessed with it as me.

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