Friday Favorites

So this Friday Favorites is a little late because I have been feeling very discouraged about blogging lately. But I did some instagram polls and apparently y’all still read these. So good because I have a TON of favorites to share.


  1. The first favorite I want to share is Femfetti. I have been so excited to work with them for my blog because they have been a brand I have admired FOREVER. I bought a ton of shirts that I will be featuring on my blog over the next couple weeks. And I have been constantly raving about them on instagram and I am sorry but they are really fun and the vibes I like.  They have a ton of discounts too. Right now they are doing BOGO 40%. But then also you can use my code LINCOLN for an additional 15% off. So like discounts on discounts on discounts.
  2. I have not done a Friday Favorites in a while and since the last friday favorites Taylor Swift’s new album Lover has come out. I am really digging it. It is an hour and 2 minutes long which is exactly my ride to school everyday. I like the going forward outlook of this album, about letting go and being happy and content. Also why I like Happiness Begins by the Jonas Brothers. My favorites from Lover though after long consideration:

Cornelia Street (of course)

Cruel Summer

Death By A Thousand Cuts



A lot of the women I follow have started some amazing brands/ companies recently and so I wanted to talk about them.

3.    Elana from Room 334 has started an AMAZING website which compiles a list of independent women owned businesses to support. It has become my go to for more brands to shop. But also there is a blog part where Elana interviews the women who run these stores. The interviews are really inspirational. I have been in a creative rut recently where I feel like all of this is pointless, but those interviews have really helped me pull through.

4. Another amazing woman named Ashley has opened an etsy shop The Golden Serpent. It is a shop for alternative fashion but there are a couple pieces that are alternative but can be styled vintage. They are very versatile.

5. I have also started doing a LOT more stuff blog related. I use my pinterest a lot more now. I have started using LiketoKnowIt to post my outfits on as well. LiketoKnowIt allows me to tag items and if they are out of stock I can tag similar ones. Also when you have a liketoknowit and you like my instagram photo you get a notification for that look. I have also started using 21 buttons as well. It is a little different from liketoknowit as it is the link to the direct item, but they have the opportunity to link ANY site rather than the limited ones that participate in liketoknowit. Both are really good and I do not have a preference so whichever you prefer.

So glad to be able to share these with you all. Thank you for continuing to encourage and support me with this blog. And hopefully next week I will have some awesome books for my favorites.

Until Next Time,