Friday Favorites with Lipsticks

L-R  Splash Zone, Relay Race, Mamacita, Avenue


Currently they are having a sitewide sale for 25%, so these lipsticks are $5. I recently tried colourpop for the first time. I really love their lipsticks for the price. Splash Zone has become my favorite and my everday lipstick. It is a really good dupe for smashbox’s disorderly, which use to be my favorite. Relay Race is also a good day for Lolita by Kat Von D. Their lipsticks are really smooth and dry quickly. They also last all day. The only issue I have with them is that it is hard for the lipsticks to go on evenly. If you dip it in again it will create a line where it is darker in one area, so I use a lipstick brush to make sure it does. It also never comes off or budges. But overall for the price it is amazing!


Anastasia Heathers


This is a lipstick I do not wear enough, but it is a good backup. Goes on easily and stays on all day.

Pink Lady, Truffle

Bite Beauty

I somehow use to really love and live in Bite lipstick. Maybe I was 16 and emo? But I lived in truffle, makes no sense to me now at all. I hate pink Lady obviously. But truffle will be nice for October. It is another stay on all day lipstick. It comes in a crayon form which is so easy to apply. But it will REALLY dry your lips out.



Lady Balls

Too Faced

I included the second picture so you can see how it looks outside as well. This lipstick was the one I have been using for the past year so any of my blog posts before last month were in this lipstick. I only stopped wearing it because the colourpop’s splash zone is a slight bit darker which I prefer. But this is the perfect vintage red lip to complete a look. Gorgeous lipstick that literally never comes off.

*I have tried and do own Kat Von D’s lipsticks but I do not wear them anymore. I do not support her.

So these are all the lipsticks that I have tried and kept in the past couple years.

I will be trying more and will keep updating y’all!

Until Next Time,




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