Friday Favorites: International Women’s Day Edition

Today is International Women’s Day! And it also just so happens to fall on my Friday Favorites Day! I like to do 5 Friday Favorites but I have a lot more today because AWESOME women!

So in honor of International Women’s Day, this week’s Friday Favorites revolve around that!

I have been reading SO many amazing blogs lately, trying to get inspiration and help get out of my rut, so here are some of my favorite blogs run by badass women.

  • Suburban Faux-Pas- The BEST style. Honestly goals through and through. I love how she takes risks with fashions and her unique styling.
  • Tayler Malott- LOVE her style! Classy, chic, and feminine. Also she has all kinds of inspiration on her blog and I love her dedication to positivity.
  • She Saw Style– A darker fashion mood. Love going to her for inspiration for moody fashion.
  • Champagne Edit- I love Dana’s blog. She of course has amazing fashion, but also amazing taste. I love seeing her favorites on her blog!
  • Sequins and Sales- Always have to include Amanda because she is an amazing wonderful person. Not only is she super fashionable, but she has amazing advice and is sooo helpful with blogging!


I feel like women’s books are always there. Like of course read the Feminist Mystique in your lifetime. But some newer ones:

  • Becoming- Michelle Obama
  • Bad Feminist- Roxane Gay
  • Moral Property of Women- This book is my history major coming out. It is a monograph. It is very intense and indepth. But it is honestly the best and most comprehensive book I have ever read. It is all about birth control history in America, which is really important to understand where we are now. Super recommend, just give it 6 months to read.

Popular Culture:

It is a GREAT time for popular culture and women right now, in my opinion.

If you have not seen Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s new episode He Said, She Said, you really should watch it. It deals with very real issues women face in the workplace. A really remarkable episode and B99 did a great job of presenting it.

Also Captain Marvel comes out today! I do not have set plans to see it yet, but I will update as soon as I do because this is going to be really amazing. I am so excited for it.

Comment some of y’all’s favorite women stuff! Books, brands, blogs, anything!

Until Next Time,



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