Let’s Talk Trends: Amazon Fashion Brand Review

Allegra Polka Dot Fashion Style

Allegra Fashion Style

Allegra Top, Skirt, Shoes

I am going to start this off by saying there are some awesome trends that I adore, that if they had not been trending I would have never even tried. But I hate trends. You will never see me write about what is trending. I like following trends because they introduce me to new styles, but I do not care if something is no longer trending this year. Trends have an interesting impact on society. Nowadays if you put feathers in your hair, you look like a fool. But back in 2014ish that was all the rage! Or low rise jeans in the early 2000s. Trends lead to meaningless shopping. You want to go and buy the latest trends, but next year they will be out of style so you have to go and buy the next trends. This leads to a lot of clothes that you will never wear ever again! Trends have shaped my personal style in being inspired by them, but I genuinely like a lot of the trends over the years and still incorporate them into my style rather than changing every year. A lot of my style today is based off of trends from many many years ago.

That is not to say that following trends is bad! I understand watching New York Fashion Week every year to see what the newest and chicest new trend to hit the runway. But we have to be conscious of the effects these trends have on us. Do not fall for a trend you do not love in order to fit in, you will hate your pictures of this time looking back. Do not ditch last years trends! There is still a place for it with this year and for years to come.

I am talking about trends on this post because this outfit is not 2019 trendy at all. Of course polka dots and monochromatic colors never go out of style. But the collared for this shirt, that is a very 2012 trend that I still to this day absolutely adore. Along with those Peter Pan collared shirts from your high school years that have and will continue to pop in and out high fashion over the years. Maybe I like collared tops such as the one above due to their influence on vintage fashion, something that has always inspired me. But I contribute it to just genuinely falling in love with the style when it was trending in my early teenage years. Also not trending: the simple circle skirt that I have insisted on wearing over the years. This was a trend all through out 2012-2016 and seems to be making a come back for Spring 2019, but we will see. I will forever argue that it will never go out of style, it is such an amazing staple that automatically ties the outfit together and makes it look nice and polished. And then of course the infamous sock bun that I will forever be bullied for not giving up. The year was 2013 and Miley Cyrus’s street style was at an all time high (but we will see because she has been coming back lately) and everyone was watching intently to see what she would wear next and how we could imitate it.

And she wears a sock bun often. And it absolutely catches on and is all the rage for about 2 years there.

Miley Cyrus she's so naturally pretty, she doesn't need the short bleach blonde hair or the heavy makeup!           Image result for lauren conrad sock bun

I absolutely adore sock buns. I literally grew my hair out again this past year so I could wear sock buns again. It is simple and chic and classy. The sock bun is this sophisticated trend that I will never let go.

These are all trends that are not trendy anymore but are still classy and sophisticated. They can be incorporated into any outfit, especially moving forward to future trends. These trends are also really good to combine with newer trends to make a more professional look.

Now for the outfit:

Believe it or not, I have actually never ordered clothing from amazon before. There are so many brands that they have that I admire and want to buy from, but I have never taken it from wish list to cart. Until Now! I bought this entire outfit off of amazon. I want to focus on this post for the Allegra top pictured above, because the skirt and shoes are your basic ones.

I had a good first experience shopping with amazon fashion. I like this shirt. It is a cheap shirt though. It is only $20. It holds up very well and you do not need an undershirt underneath. But it is 100% polyester which creates a weird silhouette for this top. It bunches up easily. I would recommend for this top some clothing weights to keep it smooth above the skirt.


This shows you the back of the shirt here and the bunching it does. Also my messy sock bun that I refuse to let go.

So hopefully you enjoyed this post and my thoughts on trends. If you have any comments about your thoughts on trends leave them below! I would love to read them.

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