Festive but Make It Goth


Similar 1,  Similar 2, Similar 3

I promise I have been dressing really festive for the past month, but this is the only outfit I have actually photographed for blogging. Sometimes you gotta be a Christmas goth though.

It is Christmas here in Savannah so everywhere is decorated really beautifully. But it also means I can wear short sleeves and skirts all the time.

I bought this shirt from a company Tees by Tash, but they have since closed down. So I have linked some similar ones above. Specifically similar 1 is a link to the same saying but in a sweatshirt version which works for colder places.

Also I like posting this right before Christmas because these shirts go on sale close to and after Christmas. I use this time to stock up on Christmas outfits for next year. Christmas is just my favorite holiday ever.

I paired this outfit with a circle skirt and thigh highs from h&m. Thigh highs are the perfect thing to make any outfit look badass as hell. And then of course heeled boots to make this outfit look super tough. Really perfect for a dark Christmas look.

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