New York City: Off the Beaten Museum Trail

I travel a lot. I love museums. So I have decided to talk about the various museums I go to on here. This blog is really just about what I feel like talking about at this point, but it works. It is a blog that totally encompasses me.

I recently traveled to New York City, which I do every other winter or so. So I have been to a lot of the regular New York museums. Obviously you have to go to the Metro Museum of Modern Art or whatever because it is New York vibes to the max.

grant 2

I decided to go to Grant’s National Memorial, which is something you should do if you have the chance. I have spoken about my love for Grant on here before. I will forever be screaming into the void that Grant deserves better. But his memorial is a lovely monument to him. It is kind of far from the city city but it is worth the drive. They have a small gift shop where they have a video about his life. The memorial focuses on Grant’s peacemaking policies and so it is peaceful and beautiful.


grant 1

The main point of this post was to express my never ending love for Ulysses S. Grant as most of my life ends up coming back to that.

But also Grant’s Memorial is right next to this lovely Riverside Church that I wandered into. It is a beautiful historic church built in 1930. The architecture is beautiful. Martin Luther King Jr. also gave a speech here in 1967. Also they have signs everywhere that all are welcome, and let me wander in with no purpose away from the cold. So great church.

museum 1



museum 2

There is also the Intrepid Museum around the same area, it is a sea, air, and space museum! But I was way too cold to make it there.

So here is my very small list of the museums/ historic places I went of the path for my very short New York trip this year. Hopefully I will be able to add more on my next trip to New York but also I will be doing more of these along my travels.

Until next time,



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