Send Me Dog Pics Always

Send Me Dog Pics Shirt , Similar Circle Skirt

I got this tee shirt at Forever 21 back in the Spring, but they had stopped selling it. So this is a delayed post about how it is back on their website for only $8. Also it is the softest shirt ever. I am currently in a tee shirt and circle skirt phase and that shows in this picture. Best and easiest combination ever. Also only wear circle skirts with tights otherwise they are way too short.

I also paired it with Kat Von D Nurs Fur Atoo lipstick which I have since stopped using, due to actually researching who she is as a person. It is also a red lipstick but in all pictures it comes out looking darker than it actually is. So I have since switched over to using Smashbox or Too Faced lipsticks.

Until Next Time,



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