Forever Looking like a School Teacher

We are finally getting into Winter weather in Savannah. So I am still very committed to wearing skirts though and so I wear fleece lined tights. It is a really good compromise. Here are the ones I am wearing in this picture.

Also this target turtleneck in burgundy. It is a short sleeved turtleneck which is really hard to find! It is also only $13. Target also does free 2 day shipping. So I ordered this shirt online on Tuesday and got it on Friday, which is amazing!

It is boot season season! These are the boots I wear all winter basically every winter. I have had these particular boots for 4 years now. No issues or damage at all. They hold up really well.

I also paired it with this cardigan. Cardigans have been really helpful here because it is really cold in the morning and terribly hot afternoon. So I own this H&M cardigan is every color.

Until Next Time,



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