Tea Cup Skirt

This post took forever to make, for which I am really sorry. I would like to say that it was the holidays and I was too busy with family but really I had to binge watch Game of Thrones because I have HBO go now and it is killing any productivity I have. I am home on break, it is awful. So that explains the awful background that is my backyard at home. I cannot wait to go back. I think you fully realize how lame you are when you realize you want to go back to school.
But more importantly, this outfit. It is one of my absolute favorites because it is really easy and looks like you put effort in. I call this skirt my tea cup skirt or my cupcake skirt cause it is so flared out at all times and I love it. It is the literal best skirt ever. I got it as a steal from Express. It was on clearance and then 50% off so it was like 7$. It was a rare steal so I can’t post a link of it. I also cannot currently find any similars unfortunately. It is hard to find skirts that are short with this kind of flare, you could go for a flared longer skirt and cut and sew it. One like that would be here. Or you can definitely try express and see if you are also lucky. The shirt is also my favorite. I love off the shoulder tops. It gives that beautiful Grace Kelly Vibe so this shirt I got here. It took me forever to find an off the shoulder top I approve of but I do recommend this one. It is so so tight that the sleeves literally never move.
My goal for this was to just be a fashion blog, but with how 2016 went I need to have a lot of soul searching to find happiness. I thought that might be helpful to include that progress here just as I learn. Probably will occur rarely.
One of my goals is to read a lot of inspirational books, I use to read so so many books 2 years ago. I wish I didn’t overwhelmingly love sappy quotes, but I paint them constantly. My house is covered. Am I learning to cross stitch solely so I can make things say that there is strength in being soft? Ya. For right now I have a list of books that are considered worthy of Girl Bosses which is what I am trying to accept and obtain this year. So I have set a goal for reading one girl boss book a week. And then later on may move into reading those books about how my dog saved me or 100 ways to be happy or something just as cringey.
 So to me being a girl boss and strong and fashionable kind of coincide. That people want to tell you that you can’t look girly and argue, but I will annihilate you in a debate all while wearing dresses with dogs on it. So I will include these books and what I think in my blog. 
Current Read: Scrappy Little Nobody by Anna Kendrick. Will have finished for the next blog post, so stay tuned.
Sorry for tonight ramble, ha.
Until next time, 

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