Spectacular Pins

Basic Shirt, SkirtLovely Brooch, Similar Shoes

Okay so I haven’t posted in a while. I have really been into school lately and not feeling like dressing nice. I keep getting attacked by dogs in my community so I have learned no nice clothes because they will get ruined and then for school it is way too early and way too much walking to dress nice. Also we are in that weird weather stage in Georgia where it could be 70 degrees out or 50 and the only way to know for sure it to go outside. I am in no way ready for Summer. It takes me a while to switch over seasons and so maybe by June I will stop wearing stockings everyday. 

But this was my simple rolled out of bed late for class outfit yesterday and it was kind of cute so here it is. I have a growing collection of pins and brooches. It is the only accessory I like besides pearl earrings and it adds a nice pop of color to my other monochrome outfit. I will featuring my brooches more now because summer calls for small amounts of color according to my mom. I got this particular brooch from an Esty shop named Jesiii. She features a lot of wonderful colorful artwork and brooches, so you should definitely check her out. 

I plan to blog more later on in the week as school winds down so stay tuned for that!

Until next time,



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