It is Finally October!

Okay so it is finally October. In Georgia it usually is mid 90s until the end of October. But it is getting cold here now! I am so excited! I live for pumpkin everything. And now Saturday Night Live, The Mindy Project, and Brooklyn Nine-Nine are back and so I am alive and happy again.

Everyone loves Halloween and October but it is not my thing. Spooky and scary is not great for me, even though I do wear enough black to be a witch. I very firmly love Christmas and Thanksgiving. So there will not be many spooky outfits this month but next month tons of dogs wearing christmas hats so be ready.

I spent the weekend around Atlanta exploring and adventuring and so I wore my comfortable outfit. I actually made this shirt! I am so proud I have told absolutely everyone that has complimented it. It is super comfy, made with a 3$ shirt from amazon. I paired it with these pants I got a while ago.
Until Next Time,

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