Haute on the Town

 Shirt, Similar to the Skirt

Hello Again!

I finally got time to go into beautiful downtown. I live on the outskirts so I never have the opportunity to get a nice background for fashion photos. But I did which was awesome! My hair is way too short for me to do anything cute with it yet, but I am trying to learn.

But the outfit! I have to favorite kinds of shirts: turtlenecks or off the shoulders. I have my winter off the shoulder and then a short sleeved summer one. And then my sleeveless turtleneck for summer that makes me look like Steve Jobs. Your fashion basics obviously. But the my winter off the shoulder shirt is from Unique Vintage. It is amazing. It is tight and the sleeves never fall which is awesome. I also have a real cool link to Unique Vintage’s homepage on my homepage to the right! Unique Vintage is where I get most of my clothes. They have great coupons. And the shirt is even on sale now!

The skirt I bought from Heart of Haute a year ago. They seem to have stopped selling it now, but you can get the dress version from the sale rack!

Onto my book goal. I am currently reading Girl Boss which is super incredibly awesome to read. I just haven’t finished it yet!

My pictures for this post also look exactly alike but I love them. So oh well.

Until next time,



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