Gingham in the Winter


I was able to work with the amazing Shelby Sheppard for blog photos when I took my monthly trip back to Augusta to get a haircut. Fun fact: Do not move anywhere before you find somewhere who you trust with your life, aka your hair. But I will post Shelby’s website at the end of this post. But she is the best person to adventure with. We got to go to a wonderful locally owned bookstore in Augusta called The Book Tavern, which is a great place.  But I wore a very beautiful dress from Top Vintage. They have amazing dresses. But they ship from somewhere in Europe so it takes like a month to get your order. But by then I usually forget I ordered anything and it is a super happy surprise. I love Gingham to death, but to me it is a purely summer look. It gives off some solid picnic vibes.

But we got to take some beautiful pictures with my favorite things.

 And look at how beautifully this dress twirls and gives a nice Lucille Ball look
 Also you can look punk as hell in it.

Life is just better when you have a pretty dress I mean let’s face it.

 It would look even better if I could figure out vintage hairstyles like god dang. But nope, my long angled can I speak to a manager bob it is. 

It is also National Love Your Pet and I love any holiday made up by hallmark to sell cards especially if it involves my dog. So here is Abe who is a literal angel. 

Until next time,

Hailey & Abe

Shelby’s Website


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