First Week of College Finals: I survived

The past two weeks I have experienced the horror of finals week. But it is officially over. To celebrate here is an old photo I took when the weather was warmer and I had more time.

I have this intense fear of tight skirts that I am trying to get over. So I bought my very first one from H&M. It is stretchy body con material but not too bad. A good way to ease yourself into pencil skirts or any tight skirts. The shirt is from Target. I have a huge target right across the street from me and they carry a line called Who What Wear. Everything about this clothing line is absolute perfection. I love it. It makes going to target for a quick thing even more difficult. Shoes are my standard go to when I want to be comfy. They are from H&M but they do not have them on the site anymore. You can usually find them or something similar in their store though. 

Until next time,



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