First Pinup Girl Clothing Order

Hello again! Today’s post features pictures by the amazing photographer Shelby Sheppard (link to her website at the bottom). You can always tell when I take the pictures myself and when she does. She is an amazing professional with a gift of making people look way better. So if you ever need any kind of pictures 100% go to her.

I’ve been eyeing clothes from the website PinUp Girl Clothing for a while. I was always trying to buy it second hand and all, because broke college student life that I am living. I scored super extra big during the pink Friday sale on their website. Black Friday I went wild, lots of new clothes to blog. I am very very excited. So the Doris skirt was on final sale and then black Friday sale. They still have a Doris skirt on final sale, but only in extra small. It is an absolutely beautiful skirt, very amazing quality. I am always picky about black skirts being dark enough, because I wear a lot of black shirts with it. I like for it to be the exact shade black to match. The Doris skirt is very very dark. It goes wonderfully with black shirts. My goal is to pair this with the PUG Jailbird top or Vivien of Holloway slash neck top, I just haven’t gotten around to buying it yet. It is getting colder out in Georgia and so I paired it with plain black stockings. I usually get my stockings from H&M because they are very sturdy and will last months. I usually throw them out before they rip. The shoes are the tricky part. I bought them off Modcloth two years ago. They are very pretty shoes, but so so uncomfortable. They have since sold out and do not sell them anymore. But you can find a lot of similar shoes from BAIT footwear, here. BAIT is also more comfortable.

I wore my usually Kat Von D Nahz Fur Atoo lipstick. I am going to try out Besame Lipstick within the next couple weeks, so a post will be coming with that! And then my terribly not done nails. 

Until Next Time,



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