Everything Before 1776 was a Mistake


So for the last couple of weeks I have been spending my time studying history in medieval Siena. It is a wonderful city. But I Have no time to fashion blog. Most days are spent sweating it out in some building built in the 600s. I can not use straighteners. Electricity is hard to come by. It is amazing. If anyone would like a historical rant about how much fun I am having to be posted and to show off all the beautiful sits let me know and I will!

Europe is wonderful for fashion. Everything is mustard yellow and ruffles and platform shoes. I believe Zara is also in america but it is everywhere in Italy. Zara is an amazing store because they take a normal dress and then just add stuff to it: ruffles, patches, patterns, just fun stuff. I love it.

This is my absolute favorite dress. I have worn it a million times since I got it a month ago. It is all my favorite tins: ruffles, gingham, and off the shoulder.

And then I paired it with Stila lipstick, which is not my favorite. It wore off within an hour.

But anyway today is the 4th of July.  So I get to have a small celebration in Italy. No matter were I am in the world I will forever be an American historian. So here is my first red dress ever.

Here are my favorite 4th of July quotes. It is the best holiday of the year.

Until next time,



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