Dogs: News We All Want to Hear

 Similar Scarves: Here and Here, Similar Dress, Cardigan

So for some weird reason, Georgia decided to have a second coming of Winter. I like to stick to one season. So that like one wardrobe. Summer or Winter I do not mind, just stay. So I got to wear this scarf and cardigan and freeze. But like it was a dang look. So I wore my Start Spreading the Pooch dress. It is my favorite of all time. It is just plain newspaper clippings upon first glance, but when you actually look each article is written by dogs about beautiful dog experiences like the P Doggie and the Black Eyed Pugs concert written by Groupie the Golden. It is a fun quirky dress that I adore. I have the dog one I got on sale at modcloth a while ago that they don’t sell anymore. But they do have the Kitty Chronicles which is the cat version, which is linked above. I paired it with my beautiful yellow scarf. I am trying for more pops of color, especially mustard yellow. 

So this is my Georgia Winter look, it got to a whopping 50 degrees Fahrenheit, so we are going to get hypothermia.

I have a fun blog planned for soon, but I first have to actually announce the news and then I will discuss living weirdly which is my new life philosophy. 

Until next time, 



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