Comfy Adventures

There are very few dresses I love as much as this one. I bought it at Charming Charlie’s about a year ago. Charming Charlie’s is the best place on Earth to get comfy shirt dresses or weird bee shaped jewelry that every girl need in their life. Charming Charlie’s is the best place on Earth. Everything is sorted by color and so I just go to the back corner for the nice neutrals. I usually pair it with my wonderful everyday boots from H&M. They are both just so comfortable, especially when you have to walk around downtown all day.

Unfortunately they do not sell this particular dress on the website anymore. You may be able to check in the stores, since they don’t have a lot of stuff on their website.

A lot of people have been asking about my photography that I use to take my pictures. I have no idea how to work a camera, but I am working on it. And getting a little better with everyday. But I do not edit them usually. Every time I try and put filters on any picture I end up putting seven filters, severely raising the contrast, and darkening the picture by 7 million. And it is like a flashback to my beautiful editing career in 7th grade. It is in fact an nightmare. I did brighten the first picture though. And then stopped so it didn’t look next level unrealistic, because I cannot tell at all. 

But this is my only comfortable outfit. I use to be able to wear ridiculous heels all the time, because of my terrible height, or lack thereof. But now I just want to wear my comfy boots. Especially days in my town that revolve around brunch and ice cream. I hope to get back to wearing heels, we shall see.

Also tonight I am going to try some vintage hair by doing a wet roller set, so I will update on that soon to be disaster next time.

Until next time,



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