PantsShirtHoopsLipstick in Underage Red

Okay so yet again a hurricane has kicked me out of my town which gave me some time off work to fashion blog!

I have had this shirt forever, but it just went on sale!

This shirt brings attention to something I do often which is clothes hunting. Basically, especially with unique vintage and modcloth, you should shop around for the best price. The clothing most of the time is not their original brand. So because of that sometimes the original site is cheaper or running a sale that may not be on the other. So its really important. I found this shirt also at Forever 21 (shocking because it is nice material and not flimsy??) but currently it is on sale at unique vintage so that is the ideal place.

Also you will see a ton of me wearing gold hoops, not because of fall style or anything, I am just now discovering that I love them so.

And then I paired it with my usual go to pants that I adore. They are versatile and comfy and I love them.

Well until next time,



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